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A woman sitting at a table reading advertisement. A woman sitting at a table reading advertisement.
Domestic advertising service for businesses

Advertising on the mailings cover Uppslaget

An advertising channel with high impact and low contact costs.

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Benefits with Uppslaget

  • Effective – large reach for your advertising.
  • Economical – low contact costs.
  • Simple – we help you with your advertising.
Advertise on the mailings cover Uppslaget to achieve extensive reach with low contact costs.

Do you want to send out an offer to a wide audience? Then advertising via the mailings cover Uppslaget is a good channel to use.

When you advertise on Uppslaget, in other words on the cover that is placed around all unaddressed advertising mail, you achieve high reach with low contact costs. Such advertisements attract a lot of attention and can promote increased sales and traffic. The response from the advertising provides an indicator of what areas and audiences are interesting for continued targeting. Uppslaget and unaddressed direct mail (UDM) are distributed to all households that receive advertisements.

We can help you with advertising on Uppslaget in Sweden. Develop ideas and print originals, and provide the advertising in accordance with our specifications, and we’ll fix the rest. We can also provide advice regarding what to think about in order to achieve a good impact with your advertising. Read the specifications in the Terms and Conditions for Uppslaget.

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