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Unaddressed Direct Mail

With Unaddressed Direct Mail (UDM), you reach many potential customers within a demarcated geographic area at a low cost.
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When you want to spread your message to many people

Do you want to acquire new customers, and drive traffic to your physical store and your online shop with relatively little investment? Then Unaddressed Direct Mail is what you need. 

Find customers

Find potential customers in a certain geographic area.

Generate traffic

Attract traffic to your store or website and create good business opportunities.

Civic information

Issue civic information of interest to all households.

With Unaddressed Direct Mail, you reach numerous new customers either within a demarcated geographic area or to all households in the country that receives ODR at a low cost. Unaddressed Direct Mail is distributed to households and companies. As the advertising is not sent to a personal address, it is suitable if you do not have your own customer database, or if you want to reach a whole new target group but do not want to have to buy addresses.

Who do you want to reach?

There are different types of Unaddressed Direct Mail, depending on who you want to reach.

  • UDM (ODR) Standard
    With UDM (ODR) Standard, you reach households that want to receive advertising. Usually distributed over two days with start day holiday free Mondays or Wednesdays. together with other ODR Standard items in a special wrapping, Uppslaget. Final distribution start day: the 3rd of April 2023.

  • UDM (ODR) Exclusive

    With UDM Exclusive, you also reach companies and farms. UDM Exclusive also allows heavier and wrapped items to be sent.

    Week 1–13: Usually distributed over two days with start day holiday free Tuesdays or Thursdays.

    Week 15–52: Usually distributed over two days with start day holiday free Mondays or Wednesdays.

  • Uppslaget
    Do you want to reach nationwide? You can choose to advertise your products or services on the cover provided for UDM Standard items. With Uppslaget you reach approximately 2.4 million households twice a week – a cost-efficient and effective way of reaching nationwide in Sweden. Final distribution start day: the 3rd of April 2023.

You find more information in separate fact sheets listed in alphabetic order.

From idea to print

We would be happy to help you with

  • making your campaign from idea through to final print
  • selecting target groups
  • measuring the impact
  • improvement proposals.

When should you book and drop-off?

Booking and submission times UDM 2023 (pdf, in Swedish)

Would you like to book or find out more about UDM?

We would be happy to provide you with more information about unaddressed mail. Simply enter your details in the form and we will contact you. (The form is in Swedish)

To the form (in Swedish)
To the form (in Swedish)

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