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Klimatekonomisk Periodical

Reduce the environmental impact of your periodical and strengthen your environmental profile at no extra cost by using Klimatekonomisk Periodical. You make the publication process environmentally sound, and we'll do the same for the distribution.


Your magazine will reach your subscribers within three business days. By labelling it with our climate efficient cliché, you make sure that your readers notice your environmental profile. You pay nothing extra to distribute the publication in an environmentally sound way, and we accounts for the costs of offsetting the environmental impact.

You make the publication environmentally sound

  • Environmentally-certified production chain
  • Paper, envelopes and printing must fulfil Nordic Ecolabel criteria or equivalent
  • Supplements must fulfil all requirements

We make the distribution process environmentally sound

  • Flight-free distribution
  • Environmentally compensated distribution

Good to know

To get your newspaper/magazine approved as a Periodical, you must be able to answer "yes" to the following questions:

  • Does your newspaper/magazine qualify, in terms of its nature, format, appearance and content, as a publication that is generally regarded as being a newspaper or magazine?
  • Does you newspaper/magazine hold a valid periodical magazine publication license issued by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office?
  • Does the title on the front page/cover of your newspaper/magazine fully correspond with the title specified in the publication license for that newspaper/magazine?
  • Is an issue number and issue year specified on the front page/cover of your newspaper/magazine?
  • Does your newspaper/magazine contain no more than 25 % adverts, advertising, text advertising, articles and other texts and corporate messages for a single company or group of companies?
  • Does your newspaper/magazine contain at least 25 % editorial material?
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