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Domestic advertising service for service agreement customers

Free Periodicals

With us, your free periodicals can be sent to anyone in the whole Sweden. Hand in by 3 pm on the day before delivery at the latest – we will take care of the rest.

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Benefits with Free Periodicals

  • Extensive spread – with Free Periodicals, your journalism reaches a wide range of people.
  • Late submission – you can hand in your periodicals as late as 3 pm on the day before they are distributed, which makes it easier for you to have late advertising deadlines.

  • Fast delivery – hand in periodicals by 3 pm at the latest and they will be delivered the next day.

Send free periodicals within Sweden

Do you want to send Free Periodicals? We can help you with that.

If you want to send free periodicals to recipients and reach out to a wide audience with your journalism, PostNord’s Free Periodicals service is what you need. Your publications attract extra attention in the mailbox, as they are distributed together with other important items of mail. Hand in the publications by 4 pm and they will be delivered the next day.


Please book batches by no later than 3 pm six days before the desired date of distribution by calling us on 077133 33 10. You will receive a booking confirmation from us shortly after that. If the booked batch is not to be distributed, cancellation must be made by no later than 4 pm eight working days prior to the specified date of distribution. If it is your first booking, we will also ask you to include an issuance plan and a publication license.

Dimensions and weights

All the consignments in the same booking have to have the same size, weight, format and appearance.

Width: Min. 9 cm and max. 23.5 cm
Length: Min. 14 cm and max. 35 cm
Thickness: Max. 2 cm
Maximum weight: 2 kg

Handing in

You can submit your periodicals as late as 4 pm on the day before their planned distribution. This makes it easier for you if you have late advertising deadlines. When handing in periodicals, you submit your booking confirmation and a sample of the periodical and possible inserts. Information about where you can hand in your free periodicals for distribution is available in the fact sheet about Hand-in points and mail areas.


Our address labels for Free Periodicals should be used. The parcel containing all the periodicals is to be addressed to the distribution unit responsible for distribution in the relevant postal code area.


Hand in the periodicals by 3 pm at the latest in order to have them delivered to recipients the next day. Free Periodicals are usually distributed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Booking and submission times:

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If you want to know more about the service or have questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer service.

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