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Domestic Periodicals

Do you often send member newsletters or other publications within Sweden? Then Domestic Periodicals is a service for you.
Become a periodicals agreement customer

With Domestic Periodicals, you can send your publications quickly and efficiently to readers in Sweden. We help you tailor the distribution method to suit your specific needs.


The periodicals service can be adapted to suit your specific needs.


You can define the delivery time.

Environmentally friendly

You can select an environmentally friendly delivery option at no extra cost.


Publications sent in the mail are distributed throughout the country.

  • Periodicals A are normally distributed on the first or on the second working day after the handing-in date.
  • Periodicals B and Environmentally Friendly Periodicals are normally distributed within four working days of being handed in.

Handing in

The submission must consist of at least 500 copies.Some submissions must be booked.

Dimensions and weight for Domestic Periodicals

Length Min. 140 mm and max. 350 mm
Width Min. 90 mm and max. 320 mm
Maximum weight 2 kg

Additional service

Environmentally Friendly Periodical

Periodicals can be sent with the environmentally friendly option at no extra cost. The difference is not in the price tag but in the extra value provided by sustainable production. All that is required is that you make the production of your periodical environmentally friendly, and we adapt the distribution to make it even more environmentally friendly. Download the fact sheet about Environmentally Friendly Periodicals.

Points to consider

Sending periodicals using one of our periodical services is easy, but keep in mind that a periodical must:

  • Be registered in PostNord’s register of periodicals – submit an application.
  • Have a publication license from the Patent and Registration Office.
  • Contain at least 25 percent editorial material.
  • Contain no more than 25 percent advertising from a single company.

More information

Here is some further information about periodicals that may be of use.

Would you like to know more about the service?

Contact us

Apply to be a periodicals agreement customer

You are welcome to apply to have your newspaper or magazine registered as a periodical. It is important that you review all the information, as the newspaper or magazine has to meet certain criteria to be approved as a periodical.
To the application

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