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We have addresses for private individuals and companies and can help you reach your specific target audience using selection criteria.

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Benefits with Addresses

  • You get addresses to companies and private individuals that would otherwise be difficult to find.
  • The probability of campaigns having a good impact increases if targeted messages directed at a selected audience are used.
  • You can choose who you want to reach by using specific selection criteria.
If you know who you want to reach but do not have the addresses

Do you know which your intended target group is but are having difficulties reaching it? We can help you find the right addresses for the people you want to reach.

We have addresses for both private individuals and companies. The better you know your target audience, the better the selection we can make, thereby increasing the accuracy of your targeted campaigns. Addressed direct mail often results in high viewing values, an average of 65% in our impact measurements, and creates a better impact because you reach out to the campaign’s specific target group. If you are not sure about the composition of your target audience, we can also help you create a good basic selection.

Using our various selection criteria, you can easily narrow down a suitable target group. For example, this may include private individuals in a specific age group, geographical area and income group, new car owners, new parents or other demographic variables. You can also select companies of a certain size, within a particular industry sector or at a specific location, with or without names of decision makers. In short – tell us who you want to reach, and we will provide the right addresses.

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