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Address Maintenance

We update your customer directory continuously, so that you do not have to worry about losing contact with customers who move.

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Benefits with Address Maintenance

  • Fast – you quickly receive information about changes to customer addresses.

  • Updated – your customer directory is always up-to-date, no matter how many times your customers move.

  • Safe – by using correct addresses, your delivery precision increases and you can optimize the impact of your offers.

Update your customer directory quickly and easily with Address Maintenance

When companies or private individuals change their address or name, this can result in major losses for your company in terms of lost contact with customers. Incorrectly addressed mail is also very costly, and can be perceived as annoying.

By using Address Maintenance, you can instead keep your customer directory updated and thus increase delivery precision and optimize the impact of your offers and mailings to both companies and private individuals.

We can help you by providing:

Directory wash: This updates your directory by deleting or correcting incorrect information regarding your customers’ names and addresses.

Address information: Fast and accurate information about your customers’ address changes. Incorrect addresses are corrected and you are notified if a recipient has requested forwarding of mail.

Would you like to make use of Address Maintenance?

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