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SEND/Preparatory activities

Cash on delivery

Allow your recipient to pay for the content of their letter or parcel as it is being delivered. The payment made by the recipient then goes into the bankgiro or plusgiro account you have specified.

How to send Cash on Delivery consignments

  • Use envelopes or parcels that protect the contents well
  • State the name and postal address of both the recipient and the sender.
  • Print out the shipping document and enter all the cash on delivery information. This can easily be done in Shipping Tool. You can also pay for shipping in cash at any of our Service points.
  • Hand in the consignment at your nearest Service point.
  • Keep the receipt

Our services that can be sent using Cash on Delivery

  • Parcel Post
  • Cash on Delivery for letters – can be used with registered letters.
  • PostNord MyPack Collect – max. NOK/DKK 25 000 or EUR 2,500

Purchase Cash on Delivery in Shipping Tool Pro

Service agreement customers can easily purchase Cash on Delivery in the Shipping Tool portal. By logging in with your customer information, you can access Shipping Tool Pro when that is available.

Send using Cash on Delivery

Send using Cash on Delivery with Shipping Tool
Send using Cash on Delivery with Shipping Tool