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Mail with insufficient postage

If you have used insufficient postage, we charge a fee.

This means that you have to pay retroactively for mail with insufficient or no postage, either through retroactive payment if you are the sender or a surcharge if you are the recipient.

Retroactive payment

Retroactive payment means that you have to pay retroactively for mail sent with insufficient or no postage

As the sender you have thus been asked to pay retroactively for a mail item that you have sent without sufficient postage. The item has been delivered.

The fee is equal to the difference between the postage paid and the correct postage amount, plus a processing fee of SEK 35 for the first letter (plus SEK 5 for subsequent letters, to a maximum of SEK 250).

The sender pays the fee.


If there is no contact information for the sender, the recipient pays the fee. In that case, the fee is equal to the missing postage plus a processing fee of SEK 14.

The recipient receives a message – a slip informing that the mail item has insufficient postage and that there are no contact details for the sender.

For the mail item to be delivered, postage and an administration fee must be paid.

The amount and how to pay is stated on the slip.