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Rural postal service

This service is designed for people who, due to age or disability, are unable to collect mail from their mailbox using the standard rural postman service.

Postal service involves mail being delivered as far as the boundary of a person's property or, in exceptional circumstances, to their dwelling. We are responsible for providing this service, which has been procured by PTS (Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) on behalf of the Swedish Government.

You must satisfy the fol​lowing conditions

In order to utilize this service, you must live in a household that is served by rural mail carriers​. Everyone in the household must be over the age of 80 or have a disability. This disability must affect your capacity to use standard service points, e.g. banks or shops offering banking services. You may need to submit a certificate that confirms your need for these services.

How to apply for the s​ervice

Apply for the service through your local postal delivery office or via your rural postman. Our Customer service will be able to provide you with all the relevant contact information. You can call Customer service on +46 (0)20 23 22 21.

What the service incl​udes

  • Delivery of mail to the property boundary or, in exceptional circumstances, to the dwelling itself (if you are unable to get to the mailbox located at the property boundary).
  • Letter and Parcel deliveries with additional services such as Cash on Delivery, Registered Mail, Express Mail and Valuables.
  • Collection of outgoing letters and parcels.
  • Notified parcel shipments, Registered and Valuables are delivered upon request from the recipient. Advice/dispatch notes are delivered on day 1.
  • Sale of stamps when ordered in advance.