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Post office box

Your mail is held in a safe place, and you can pick it up whenever it suits you within the service point’s opening hours.
Get a Post office box

With a post office box, you can collect your mail whenever it suits you within the service point’s opening hours.

Post office box is both a service and a unique address for businesses, organizations and associations.


Your mail is stored safely.


You can pick up your mail when it suits you.


Makes it easier for you as a business to keep your private and corporate mail separate.

Post office box offers both secure storage for your mail and a unique address for your business, organization or association. We have post office boxes (box addresses) in many places in Sweden. In most places you can pick up your mail there from 8:30 a.m., although the time may vary slightly in different parts of the country. You pick up your mail when it suits you, and if you want it delivered instead we will of course do that for you.

Do you already have a post office box?

If you need to make changes to your agreement, or if you have any questions about your mailbox, contact our Customer Service.


The price for renting a postbox is SEK 2,750 excl. VAT for 6 month. (New price from January 1, 2023.)

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