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A mail carrier outside a house.
Receiving/Mail delivery

Mailboxes at freestanding homes and townhouses

Information is provided here about mailboxes and which aspects to take into consideration to ensure good delivery of mail.

The work of mail carriers is facilitated if you have a mailbox that is the correct size and correctly placed. This makes it possible for the mail to be delivered to the right recipient in an efficient way, and in a good working environment. There are two different ways to place a mailbox, depending on whether or not you live in an urban area. Urban areas are considered to be places with at least 200 households.

Placement of mailbox

Setting up or moving a mailbox

If you want to move your mailbox or set up a new one, please contact our customer service to check about the placement. Placement that is not approved may result in your mail not being delivered. As a mail recipient or property owner, you are responsible for setting up, moving and marking the mailbox as well as making it easy to access for the mail carrier.

Mailbox in a mailbox cluster

A mailbox cluster is a number of mailboxes situated next to each other in the same place. If you live outside an urban area or are a seasonal resident, the mail carrier may not always pass your residence on their round. In such cases you can place your mailbox in a mailbox cluster. A common mailbox cluster on the mail carrier’s route reduces the mail carrier’s number of stops and contributes to slightly lower exhaust gas emissions. When all the boxes are close to each other and at the right height, the mail carrier can easily reach the boxes from the delivery vehicle, which enables better working conditions.

Mailbox at the plot boundary

If you live in an urban area and do not have the option to place your mailbox in a cluster, it can be placed at the plot boundary, next to the road used by the mail carrier when delivering mail.

Aspects to take into consideration when choosing a mailbox

  • The mailbox opening should be 90-110 cm above the ground and face the road, for example on a post or on the outside of a fence or hedge.
  • We recommend minimum mailbox dimensions of 250 mm wide, 130 mm deep and 340 mm high. This allows the mail carrier to distribute most types of consignments straight into your mailbox.
  • Mark the mailbox clearly with your name and address, using a sign or label that is at least 200 mm x 25 mm.
  • Place the mailbox where it is safe for the mail carrier to stop.

It should be easy to access the mailbox

The property owner, or you as a mail recipient, is responsible for shoveling snow or cutting bushes and trees so that the mail carrier can reach the mailbox from the delivery vehicle. If the mailbox is inaccessible, mail cannot be delivered.

Mail that cannot be delivered

If the mail carrier is unable to deliver your mail, it is stored at the mail delivery office and delivered on the next delivery round.

Dissatisfied with deliveries?

You can contact our customer service if you have questions about mailboxes or are dissatisfied with how your mail is delivered. We are happy to receive comments, so that we can make the delivery of your mail as good as possible. If you have any opinions about our compliance with the guidelines for the delivery of mail (PDF), you can submit your case for review by the Council for Delivery Issues.

Contact us

If you want to know more or have questions, you are always welcome to contact Customer Service.