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A suitable place for your mailbox

Urban areas

If you live in a house in an urban area, position your mailbox together with others in your neighbourhood, or as a standalone box by the side of the road outside your fence, hedge or similar, with the box opening facing out onto the street. Box groupings are a number of mailboxes gathered in a single mailbox stand.

Outside urban areas

If you live in a house outside an urban center, place your mailbox in the grouping that has been set up nearest your house.

Seasonal residences

In the case of seasonal residences, the mailbox must be placed in the nearest existing box grouping.

Name plate and dimensions

A name plate measuring at least 200 x 25 mm must be attached to the mailbox, showing the house number (or equivalent) and a name and/or company title.

Mailboxes should have an interior measuring at least 250 mm wide, 130 mm deep and 340 mm high. The purpose of having these recommended dimensions is to allow the majority of items to be delivered to mailboxes. In terms of height, mailboxes must be placed so that the distance from the ground to the mailbox slot is approximately one meter.


As the property owner, you are responsible for erecting, labelling and, if necessary, moving your mailbox. We can give you advisw about where to position your mailbox. Ask your mail carrier!​