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Mail delivery

We deliver mail during the day to all households, on all days except weekends and public holidays. Information is provided here about mail delivery and the services you can use to ensure smooth delivery in line with your needs.

Read more about our mail delivery and the services you can use for a smooth delivery

Mail delivery in apartment blocks

We ensure that mail is delivered to the right recipient and that mail carriers can deliver mail efficiently and in a good work environment.

Multi-occupancy box

A multi-occupancy box provides a secure way to receive your mail if you live in an apartment block.

Missing, damaged or delayed consignments

Is your consignment missing or have you received a consignment that has been damaged during transport?

Mailboxes at freestanding homes and townhouses

Make life easier for the mail carrier by placing your mailbox in a good location. This makes it possible for the mail to be delivered to the right recipient in an efficient way, and in a good working environment.


With a postbox, you can easily receive mail and parcels even if you do not have permanent business premises, as you can collect consignments during the service point’s opening hours.

Direct delivery of letters

Direct delivery of letters is a service for companies that have a postbox or their own postal code, but which are not able to collect mail from their postbox.

Rural mail carrier

If you are served by a rural mail carrier, you can book or cancel the delivery of your shipments here.

Insufficient postage on letters

If a letter has insufficient postage paid, a surcharge will be levied. This means that you have to pay for a letter that has insufficient or no postage paid, after it has been delivered.

Rural postal service

This service helps people who, due to age or disability, cannot get to the mailbox easily themselves.