With Poste Restante you can receive post even if you don't have an address.

Poste Restante

Are you temporarily living at another address, or do you currently have no permanent address at all? Then you can use Poste Restante.

With Poste Restante, you receive mail as usual, even though you are temporarily residing away from home or do not have a permanent address.

How to use Poste Restante

Your letter is addressed as follows:

  • Your name
  • Poste Restante (written in the street address field)
  • Postalcode (pdf in Swedish, with postal codes to places where you can receive Poste Restante.)
  • Postal town

The mail can be collected from the nearest partner outlet. To collect your mail, you state your name and show your ID. Any mail that is not collected is returned to the sender after 30 days.

Can Poste Restante consignments be sent anywhere?

No, to find out where you can retrieve your mail, check the postal codes in our pdf (in Swedish) with a list of postal codes to places where Poste Restante can be used. In order to then get information about the nearest distribution point for your mail, you can go to Search for service point and enter the postal code for one of the locations where the service is available.