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Changes that come into force on March 1

Large amount of parcels at the terminal

Under Swedish legislation, VAT will now be charged from the first krona when making purchases from non-EU countries. This results in a change for people who make online purchases from, for example, China. Information about the rules and answers to frequently asked questions are available here.

VAT from the first krona

VAT is usually charged at 25 percent and is paid by the person who orders the product. If you shop online from another EU country, no VAT or customs declaration is made at the border and no administrative fee is charged by PostNord.

Special agreement with foreign e-commerce platforms

Under some certain circumstances, VAT will be paid for in the e-Store even though the parcels will be delivered from outside the EU Customs Union. In these cases the parcels will be delivered to the recipient directly after approval from the Swedish Customs agency with no need for further payment from the recipient. As of now, PostNord has an agreement with the E-commerce platform Wish and the agreement covers orders placed from 6 pm, June 14th and onwards. Provided that VAT has been paid for in a correct way, there is no need to pay a VAT declaration fee for these consignments and you can thus disregard from the information below.

Administrative fee

PostNord has been assigned the task of ensuring that VAT on these items is paid to the state before delivery takes place. In addition to the VAT, an administrative fee will therefore be charged for this work. The fee covers the costs incurred as a result of making VAT declarations, such as for salaries, technical equipment and renting of premises. If the value of the consignment is less than SEK 1,500, the fee is SEK 75. If the value is SEK 1,500 or more, the fee is SEK 125 and also includes the customs declaration that has to be made. All administrative fees include VAT.

You will receive a notification stating how much you need to pay

When your consignment arrives in Sweden, the purchased item has to be declared. Once we at PostNord have received the consignment, you receive a notification stating how much VAT, possible customs duty and administrative fee you have to pay. The notification provides information about how to make your payment.

If you no longer want your parcel due to the cost of the VAT and the administrative fee, the payment does not have to be made. This will result in your consignment being returned to the sender.

Delivery will unfortunately take longer

The new rules unfortunately mean that it will take a little longer for you to receive your parcel. We apologize for this but are working hard to ensure that parcels are delivered to recipients as quickly as possible.

The sooner you pay your VAT and fee, the sooner the consignment will be delivered to you. The notification sent to you also states by when your payment has to be made to avoid the consignment being sent back to the sender. You always have at least 14 days to make the payment.

Do you have a parcel to collect and need to make a payment for VAT?

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