These three forms of notification are ways to inform you as recipient that a letter or parcel can now be collected, is on its way or will be delivered.

When you collect your letter or parcel, you need to state the 4-figure code in your SMS or the shipment ID in the letter notification or email you have received.

Notification that a letter or parcel is ready for collection or on its way can be sent as an SMS, email or letter. The sender decides how you will be notified.

Different types of notifications

  • SMS notification – you receive notification straight to your mobile
  • Email notification – you receive notification via email
  • Letter notification – you receive notification in your mail box

How it works

  • When your letter or parcel arrives at your service point, an SMS or email is sent, informing you that it is ready for collection. The SMS contains the sender, details on where to collect the letter/parcel, opening hours and a 4-figure code that you state when collecting your letter/parcel. These figures are the same as the last four figures of your shipment ID. If it is a Cash on Delivery item, the amount is also specified.
  • You can also receive advance notification that the letter/parcel has been mailed and is on its way.
  • If you do not collect the item within two days, you will receive a reminder.

If you have received a reminder despite having collected your item, you should compare the ID on your notification with that on the item – if the numbers match, you can ignore the notification.

When you send a parcel, you can opt for the recipient to receive an SMS once the parcel is available for collection. You simply enter the recipient’s mobile number when shipping the parcel – either at a partner outlet or via Skicka Direkt (Swedish only).