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Rural postal service

This service helps people who, due to age or disability, cannot get to the mailbox easily themselves.

The Rural postal service helps people who live in rural areas and have difficulty collecting their mail themselves

If you are elderly or have a disability and it is a long way to your mailbox, it may sometimes be difficult or even impossible to collect your mail yourself. In such cases, the Rural postal service can help you.

This service ensures that your letters and parcels are delivered to the mailbox on your property. If you cannot get to the mailbox on your property, the mail is delivered to your door. The service is available for people living in rural areas that are served by rural mail carrier routes, and are aged over 80 or have some type of disability that makes it difficult for them to get to a regular mailbox or partner outlet.

How to apply for the Rural postal service

You can apply for the service at the nearest post office or via your rural mail carrier. Our customer service can help you with contact information if you call 0771 33 33 10. You may need to submit certification confirming that you need the service.

Rural postal service includes:

  • We deliver your mail to the mailbox on your property, or to your front door if you have difficulty getting to the mailbox.

  • We distribute letters and parcels with additional services such as Cash on delivery, Registered Mail, Express Mail and Valuables.

  • While distributing mail to you, we also collect letters and parcels that you wish to send.

  • Notified parcels and notified letters (for example Registered Mail and Valuables) are distributed pursuant to your request. Please note that you need to be at home when the item is being delivered. If you have received a notification or text notification, you may order delivery of the notified item here (in Swedish). You can also call customer service at 0771 33 33 10, which can arrange the delivery for you. 

  • If you would like to buy stamps you can easily order this in our web shop. We’ll deliver the stamps straight to your mailbox or, in case you make a larger order, you can order delivery for your Registered Mail, see above. You can also order stamps through customer service at 0771 33 33 10. In that case please mention that you have the service Rural postal service.

Buy postage online

You can buy stamps and packaging with pre-paid postage in our online shop. Portokoder and shipment you can buy in Skicka Direkt.

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Buy stamps and packaging