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Mail delivery to apartment blocks

We aim to ensure that mail is delivered to the right recipient and that mail carriers can deliver mail efficiently and in a good work environment.

Delivery to multi-occupancy mailboxes

If you live in an apartment block, the preferred method of delivery is using a multi-occupancy mailbox located at the street level entrance. This facilitates the work of the mail carrier and increases the security for you as a mail recipient. Furthermore, the lack of a need for mail boxes in individual doors reduces noise and the spread of odors. Another advantage with this approach is that it makes it easier to have online purchases delivered straight to your home.

The owner of your apartment block or the tenant-owner association is responsible for ensuring that the box is properly labeled.

New key required

If you lose the key to your multi-occupancy mailbox, you will need to contact your property owner or landlord, depending on whether you live in a tenant-owner association or rent your apartment.

Delivery to normal mailboxes

If your building does not have a multi-occupancy mailbox, the mail is delivered through the mailbox in the apartment door or to a mailbox located on the relevant floor of the building.

Mailbox dimensions

  • width 23 cm
  • height 3 cm
  • height above the floor 60–125 cm
  • the mailbox flap must not have an inertia of more than 8 N (Newton)

Mark the mailbox clearly with the names of the residents – the text should be at least 8 mm tall

Good lighting is important. The lighting on each floor should be at least 200 lux and it should be at least 100 lux in stairwells.

The mailbox must be a complete unit, with no risk of being cut or squeezed when it is used.

Mail that is not delivered

Mail that cannot be delivered because, for example, the entry door is locked or the elevator does not work, is stored at the mail delivery office and delivered on the next delivery round. If your entry code has been or will soon be changed, it is important that you let us know. Inform us about new entry code.

Delivery in the case of major renovations

Often, major renovations of the plumbing, elevators or similar make it difficult or impossible for mail carriers to make deliveries. Please contact our customer service for assistance deciding how the delivery of mail can be carried out during renovation work.