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PostNord Portal Business

The portal keeps track of all parcels and letters and gives you a good overview and greater control over your logistics flows.
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Better control of deliveries using the PostNord Portal Business

Do you want to have better control of your deliveries, improve customer satisfaction and have a better overview of the letters and parcels you send each day? Then our portal will be of interest to you.

Better control

Helps you keep track of all your shipments.

Better reporting

Provides smart tools that provide you with statistics and a good overview.

Cost effective

Better control leads to lower storage costs.

Greater customer satisfaction

Customers who receive better information from you are more satisfied, which contributes to fewer returns.

The portal contains smart reporting tools that provide you with a good overview, comprehensive statistics and clear listings of all the shipments you send with PostNord.

Having better control of your deliveries reduces the risk of returns from customers, which in turn results in lower inventory costs and a better understanding of how, when and where deliveries are made and where problems occur.

PostNord Portal Business helps both you and your customers achieve better and more efficient deliveries of parcels. Your logistics flows become quite simply smoother and your customers become more satisfied.

Here are some examples of smart services that are available in the portal. You can

  • Reduce your total merchandise value held at Service Points by encouraging recipients to make collections earlier
  • Change recipients and addresses
  • Change the retention time at Service Points if the recipient does not manage to collect items in time
  • Recall parcels from the Service Points if you suspect fraud
  • Change the place of delivery
  • Communicate with customers and recipients and, for example, inform them if parcels from you risk being delayed, or remind them if a parcel has not been collected.

Try Notifications

With the feature Notifications you can improve your customers experience and communicate instantly in the portal, for example through automated notifications reminders on number of days left at service point. You can easily personalize an automated message to be sent when you receive a return from your customer. Add your logotype and seize the opportunity to deepen relations with your customers. Read more about how to start using Notifications.

Start using PostNord Portal Business

To be able to use the portal, you need to be a service agreement customer. Most of our service agreement customers can log in and use the portal already today.

To become a service agreement customer you need to register. Access to the portal is included as a new service agreement customer.

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If you are a service agreement customer but do not have access to the portal, you can create an account. If you are not a service agreement customer, you will automatically have access to the portal when you become one.

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