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Electronic invoice

Get more time to dedicate to your core business, reduce your company's reliance on paper and get a better overview of how much your company's mailing activities cost.

Electronic invoice data enables you to simplify the process of sending out letters and periodicals. You generate invoice data and send it over the internet. A shipping note is generated automatically – you only need to print it and send it with your shipment items when mailing. 

Benefits of Electronic invoice data:

  • More efficient administration
  • Better overview – easier follow-up
  • Saves time
  • No fees

Become a user

If you already are a contract customer, you need to register your interest and log in the Business Portal. Then you also get access to Electronic invoice (Elin)
I am a contract customer and want access to the Business Portal

If you not are a contract customer you need to become one and then you will automatically hade access to PostNord’s Business Portal and Electronic invoice (Elin)
I am not a contracted customer but I want to be one

Common questions

About Electronic invoice data

How can Electronic invoice data help me?

When you have learned how to use templates, they save you time. You always have access to your submitted billing information (packing slips) and can see immediately if we have changed something. You can also write an invoice text and export it to an Excel file for processing.

Who can use Electronic invoice data?

Anyone with a service agreement for our mail services.

Problems logging in

I cannot log in.

If you have forgotten your password or user name, click on "Forgot password" and write your registered email address. If that does not work, contact Customer Service
at 0771-33 33 10.

Customer information in Electronic Invoice data

I am asked to enter an 8-digit customer number, but he one I have has 9 digits.

Log in to Electronic invoice data. Under "Add/change saved information" there is a tool for customer number conversion under "Add/change business information".

What to do if you have changed the name or address of your business

As soon as your change request goes is processed, the name will be changed automatically when the system compares your business information with our customer database.

I need to add more businesses because I drop off mail on behalf of others.

For example, if you are a printing provider, you must be registered in our system as such. Contact your salesperson or Customer Service at 0771-33 33 10. Once that is done, log in to Electronic invoice data. Under "Add/change saved information" you can Add/change business information.

If there is an error on the invoice data

I submitted invoice data but it was wrong

Contact Customer Service and they will help you cancel the order. Call 0771-33 33 10.

Printing problems

I am having a problem printing my shipping note.

Check that a printer is correctly installed on your computer. The system will try to print using your default printer.

Log in to Electronic invoice data
Log in to Electronic invoice data