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Search delivery day

Check delivery date for letters, newspapers and direct mail that are distributed every second day.

Parcels, Varubrev 1:a-klass and express deliveries will continue to be delivered every workday.

This is how alternate day deliveries work (pdf)

See when mail is delivered in your postal code area

Letters, Varubrev Economy, newspapers and advertisements are delivered to you every other working day. We use the whole working day, so letters arrive sometime between 09:00 and 17:00.

Parcels, Varubrev 1:a-klass and express deliveries are normally delivered every weekday.

Parcels to service points or parcel lockers are delivered every weekday.

Mail to companies, organizations or authorities with a post office box, or service agreement customers is delivered every weekday.

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See what day we deliver mail in your postal code area

You are in the right place and can enter your postal code on this page.

Track a parcel you are waiting for

Then we recommend that you use the PostNord App. With our app you can keep track of your parcels, identify yourself and handle returns directly in the app. Make sure you have the latest version to get the best functionality and see current conditions. 

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You can also track your letter, parcel or pallet on this site.

See when mail you send arrives

Then you can use our service to see the delivery time for letters or parcels and pallets.