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Use our tools to make calculations and bookings, place orders and search for letters, parcels, pallets, addresses, zip codes, delivery times, etc. You can also generate invoicing data, mailshots and your own postcards.
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Track parcels and pallets widget

Track parcels and pallets service for tracking your shipments on your own websites. The service can prove useful if you want information on shipping status in your own system. The service is also available for use in your own mobile services.

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Track and trace

Trace letters, parcels and pallets using shipment ID or the sender's logistics customer number and reference.

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Skicka Direkt Business

Skicka Direkt Business is a free of charge tool for ordering freight and transportation for businesses. You’ll get the best freight option when you place your order.

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Skicka Direkt

Buy postage online. You print the waybills yourself and hand in the parcels at the service point of your choice.

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Shipment ID and parcel ID series

Renew or order a new shipment ID or parcel ID series.

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Search postcode and address

Search zip code or address within Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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Search letter-box or service point

Search for the nearest letter-box or service point.

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Search delivery day

Find out when the mail will be delivered in your area.

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Rural mail delivery

Those with rural mail services can opt to have their mail items sent to a location other than their main address.

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Price for domestic letter shipment

Calculate how much it will cost to ship your domestic mail items based on number and weight.

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PostNord Portal Business

Become a service agreement customer and pay for shipping by invoice through Send Direct Business. Track your shipments, view statistics, compare costs, handle claims, and get quick access to customer support.

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PostNord Developer

Do you want to create solutions that give your customers a better delivery experience and at the same time increase efficiency and provide a better overall economic framework?

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