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Use our tools to make calculations and bookings, place orders and search for letters, parcels, pallets, addresses, zip codes, delivery times, etc. You can also generate invoicing data, mailshots and your own postcards.
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API Choice of service point

Let your recipients choose their collection point when sending via PostNord MyPack Collect to Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. With Choice of service point, your customer has the option of choosing collection point. The customer chooses from a list of the nearest service points.

API Choice of service point$API Choice of service point

API Delivery times

Find out about the estimated delivery time. The service can for example be useful if you have an online shop and want to specify an estimated delivery date.

It also answers the question of whether a specific shipping service is not offered to a specific address.

API Delivery times$API Delivery times

API Find service points via post code

Enter a post code to find out which is the regular service point for the post code area. This service is handy if your customer service gets questions about regular service points.

The service can also be used for deliveries of PostNord MyPack Collect to Norway and Finland, since the parcels are addressed to a service point in these countries.

API Find service points via post code

Read more about API Find service points via post code$Read more about API Find service points via post code

API Track parcels and pallets widget

Track parcels and pallets service for tracking your shipments on your own websites. The service can prove useful if you want information on shipping status in your own system. The service is also available for use in your own mobile services.

API Track parcels and pallets$API Track parcels and pallets

Book a shipment

Book a letter and periodical shipment.

Book a shipment$Book a shipment

Book collection of parcels and pallets

We collect your parcel or pallet goods at your company or at a requested collection location.

Log in and book$Log in and book

Book rural mail delivery

Those with rural mail services can opt to have their mail items sent to a location other than their main address.

Book Rural mail delivery$Book Rural mail delivery

Campaign tool

Our calculation tool makes it easy for you to find out what direct mail shipment will cost.

Calculate price (xlsm)$Calculate price (xlsm)

Collection of mail

With collection of mail, we collect your company's outgoing mail whenever it suits you best. We collect on business days at the times upon which we have agreed.

Collection of mail$Collection of mail

Country information

Here you will find information about what applies when sending letters and packages to other countries.

Country information$Country information

Courier service

Our courier service allows you to send items by courier locally, nationally and internationally. Fast, smooth and tailored deliveries.

Book PEX Courier$Book PEX Courier

Create Mail-outs

Create your own invitations, thank you cards and greetings digitally and send to the recipients' mailboxes. Within Sweden or to other countries.

Create mail-outs$Create mail-outs
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