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Digital tool for contact customers

Pacsoft Online

Our internet-based transport tool, which contains numerous smart features, is free of charge for our contract customers.


Benefits with Pacsoft Online

  • Helps you monitor your domestic and international shipments.
  • Has numerous smart report and search functions.
  • Facilitates the handling of transports for both you and your customers.
  • A free service for contract customers at PostNord.
Provides rapid checking of your shipments for free

Do you want to have a better overview of all your domestic and international shipments? With Pacsoft Online, you get faster service and greater customer satisfaction at no extra cost.

Pacsoft Online allows you to track your shipments online. It has numerous smart report and search functions, and helps you quickly keep an eye on all your shipments, wherever they are in the world.

We receive information about shipments as soon as you print out your shipping documents using the system. This allows both you and your recipients to be sure of fast and smooth delivery. Your customers receive an SMS notification when a shipment is on its way, and the option to choose where they want to collect it. Easy for you and easy for your customers.

Pacsoft Online is a free service for PostNord contract customers. All you need to get started is a customer number. Become a contract customer.

Are you already a contact customer? Then you can get started immediately.

Pacsoft Online provides you with:

  • A good overview: The tool manages all your domestic and international shipments using smart report and search functions, which help you quickly check all your consignments.
  • Faster service: As soon as you print out shipping documents via the system, PostNord becomes aware that you are planning to make a shipment, and we then start planning, so that you enjoy an as smooth delivery as possible.
  • Greater customer satisfaction: The system allows you to offer your customers a choice of pick up locations and also SMS notification.
  • Cost savings: Pacsoft Online is free of charge for all our contract customers.


Equipment requirements:

Client platform

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 7, XP or Vista with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Mac OS X with Safari or Mozilla Firefox.

Internet connection

Stable Internet connection with a minimum speed of 128 kbps.

Printer for labels

All common laser printers from well-known brands. A large selection of label printers are available from brands like Datamax/Imaje, Intermec, Zebra, Sato and others.

For the latest information on specific models, please contact Pacsoft Online Support.

Printer for reports and lists

All common laser printers from well-known brands.


STE type label with receipt part (105 x 251 mm) for label printers or 2 x STE type label on A4 paper with receipt part for laser printers.

For some services (some letter services), a smaller label with a size of 105 x 72 mm can also be used for label printers. For more information about labels and printers, please see the label and printer purchasing page in Pacsoft Online.

Pacsoft Online