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E-commerce analysis

Find new customers and get information about existing customers with the e-commerce analysis.

We have delivered more than 20 million parcels in the last year to all of Sweden's postcode areas. We know the industries that senders are in and the parts of Sweden to which goods are delivered. We combine that awareness with previously known facts from Conzoom and population data from Statistics Sweden. The analysis shows where you will find the most interesting target groups.

There are two levels of e-commerce analysis: Basic and In-depth.

Basic – quick analysis

This is based on the postcodes of your existing customers. Based on this information, you can find out which Conzoom your customers belong to. That will provide a fantastic foundation to make decisions about which of your existing and potential customers you should work on, and how to communicate with them.

In-depth – loads of data, loads of possibilities

In-depth involves a deep analysis of lifestyles and facts from Statistics Sweden, which allows for greater precision when selecting potential target groups than what Basic offers. You can also choose to only analyze a portion of your customer base and receive a foundation for targeting that group.

DM – an efficient way to drive traffic to your website

E-commerce analysis shows which target group(s) your business should contact to efficiently attract new customers. The next step is to get these very people to visit the business' website. Several studies show that direct mail is an efficient way to do that. We provide an action proposal that builds on the results and conclusions of this analysis. We have a broad offering of DM solutions, and we can offer support with everything from planning to follow-up of the campaign.

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