Mail pickup

We collect your outgoing mail every weekday.

Mail pickup – we collect your business mail directly from your premises

We offer a number of additional services, including collecting registered mail securely in a special sealed bag.


  • Flexible

    If you have needs in addition to our standard services, we can tailor our service to your wishes.

  • Time-saving

    You save time and money, as your staff can focus on your company’s core business.

  • Eco-friendly

    Better for the environment when a single operator handles all transport tasks.

Temporary pickup

Are you in the need of getting your mail picked up at a single occasion? PEX Bud will help when the need arises. To book a temporary mail pickup, please call PostNord Courier at 020-96 96 96.

Order Mail pickup in the portal

You can order and manage mail pickup in the portal. The service is provided in the form of a subscription with us.

Order Mail pickup in the portal


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