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Franking machine

Using a franking machine saves both time and money for business owners.

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Benefits with Franking machine

  • Saves time – franking can be done quickly with a franking machine.
  • Saves money – you always use the cheapest individual postage rate, based on the weight of the letter, as determined in the franking machine.
  • Convenient – you avoid having to have different values of stamps available and can frank various types of consignments.
  • Straightforward – you simply download the prepaid postage into the machine and can then start franking.
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Franking letters using a franking machine is a convenient and easy way to pay the postage for individual items. All types of domestic and international letters can be franked using a franking machine. You save time and money as a result of using our cheapest individual postage rate.

How to get started with Franking machine

A franking machine can be leased or purchased. There are four approved suppliers of franking machines. These are Frama, Francotyp, Neopost and Pitney Bowes. See the fact sheet entitled Franking with franking machines (in Swedish) for contact details and more information.

When you purchase or lease a franking machine, you are allocated a user license and a special license account that is registered with PostNord, via an agreement.

You load the franking machine with a sum of your choice. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Make a payment to our bankgiro account 5257-6220 using your specific OCR payment reference number, which is stated in the top left-hand corner of your welcome letter. If you do not know your OCR number, you can use the Search for OCR number function.
  2. Pay via direct debit. If you want to ensure that you always have funds available to pay the postage, you can register for direct debit by sending in the form Advanced charging and authorization of direct debit (pdf in Sweden).

Then simply download the pre-paid postage funds into the franking machine and start franking letters.

You can frank the postage directly onto the letter's envelope or onto adhesive labels. You can then post the letters in one of our mailboxes, or hand them in at a business center or letter terminal.

Do you need further information about franking machine?

Are you interested in acquiring a franking machine or do you want more information? Submit your contact details and one of our authorized suppliers of franking machines will get in touch with you.

Do you already have a franking machine?

You can make an advance payment of a sum of your choice via bankgiro or direct debit (see above for how to do this).

What happens if you make an incorrect franking?

No problem. If you have made an incorrect franking, you can request repayment (for a fee) of incorrect franking (pdf in Swedish). In such cases, please submit the relevant envelope or label to PostNord, in accordance with the instructions on the repayment form.

Assignment of license agreement

You can assign your franking machine to another company. This can be done using the form Assignment of license agreement (pdf).

Do you need further information?

For more information, you are welcome to contact Customer Service.

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