Letter and parcel services for private individuals

We offer a wide range of letter and parcel services for private individuals. You can also get tips and information about prices, stamps, packaging and much more here.

The help we can provide to private individuals

Sending letters and postcards

A wide range of letter and postcard services allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sending parcels

We offer numerous options for sending parcels.

Tracking letters and parcels

You can track the progress of your letters and parcels here.

Pay for postage

In our online store, you can buy stamps, postage, postograms (telegrams) and collector products.

Postage tables

Check the price for sending your letter or parcel.

Download the app

Our app helps you maintain a good overview of your parcels.

Download the iPhone version

Download the Android version

The most common tools and services for private individuals

Skicka Direkt

You can easily pay freight costs online using Skicka Direkt. You print out the shipping documents yourself and hand in your parcels at any service point.


Send a message to recipients around the world on a postcard you create yourself.


Buying and selling online

A whole world of shopping is just a click away, but before you press the buy button, there are a few things that are good to know.

Buy and sell online


The history of the postal service, from its establishment in 1636 right through to the present, is portrayed here. You are welcome to visit us in Gamla Stan in Stockholm.

More about Postmuseum

Packaging tips

It is important to package consignments properly. PostNord’s tips and advice about how to package the items you want to send in the best and safest way possible are available here. 

Packaging tips

Stamp collecting

Collecting stamps is a widespread pastime with a long history. More information about the history of stamps and the development of them over the years is available here.

About stamps