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Marketing and analysis

Analysis, marketing and purchasing as preparation for e-commerce

​Analyze the market

A thorough analysis of the market in the form of competitors, alternative products and trends is crucial if you want to be successful in your sphere. You'll probably have done this work prior to starting your company but it's also important to continuously update this information and work with business intelligence.

Something that should be done more regularly is customer analysis: through various types of customer analyses in which digital visitors, for example, can be personified and linked to real-world addresses, you can improve the relevance and accuracy of your marketing efforts.

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Market your e-commerce

Many e-retailers see marketing as something difficult. Even if the purpose is always the same, the marketing efforts themselves can take many different forms.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a good place to start in an attempt to be visible in contexts that are as relevant to the customer as possible.

Another effective way of ensuring as great a return as possible on your investments in advertising is to use PostNord's own services for analysis and distribution linked to direct marketing straight to the mail box.

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