Holistic e-commerce solutions – from purchase to delivery

Deliveries are playing an increasingly important role in the consumer experience when purchases are made online. How you deliver is at least as important as what you deliver. The consumers of today are knowledgeable, aware of their options and want great freedom and choice.

Your customers want to have control over their purchases themselves and know when, where and how their delivery will take place. They also want to easily be able make changes to the delivery and know how much the purchase will cost. The delivery should therefore be considered to be an integral part of the product, and to match the shopping experience.

This always involves finding the right balance between speed, precision and cost. PostNord focuses on developing the consumer journey before the purchase, after the purchase and after delivery, helping you create loyalty that gives rise to further purchases and recommendations. We know how you need to interact with today’s e-consumers, on their terms.

What we offer in e-commerce

  • E-commerce before the purchase

    When shopping online the experience is becoming increasingly important, and delivery plays a more considerable role in your customers’ shopping experience. A crucial part in the purchase being completed could be whether or not the delivery options are simple and clear. Already prior to the purchase, the customer wants to know when, how and where the delivery will be made, who is responsible for it and, of course, what it will cost.

    E-commerce before the purchase
  • E-commerce during the purchase

    Consumers want deliveries to fit into their everyday lives. We help you make it easier for your customers, by providing solutions that give them more options regarding deliveries.

    E-commerce during the purchase
  • E-commerce after the delivery

    To create a shopping experience that impresses right through the entire process, it is important to make it easy for customers to return goods: If it is easy to return unwanted products, there is a good chance that customers will subsequently make further purchases.

    E-commerce after the delivery

The most popular tools and services for e-commerce

  • MyPack Collect

    Send parcels to customers delivered at outlets in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

    More about MyPack Collect
  • MyPack Home

    Send parcels delivered at the customers' homes in a number of countries in the Nordic region and Europe.

    More about MyPack Home
  • Collect in Store

    Give customers the chance to collect goods in your store.

    More about Collect in Store
  • PostNord Return Drop Off

    Makes it easy for your customers to return parcels weighing up to 20 kg and gives you full control over your returns.

    More about PostNord Return Drop Off
  • PostNord Portal Business

    Get better control of deliveries using the PostNord Customer Portal.

    More about Nordic Customer Portal
  • MyPack Home Small

    Send small parcels that are delivered straight to the customer’s mailbox.

    More about MyPack Home Small
  • Delivery Checkout

    A widget for your online shop that makes it easy for customers to choose how the item they purchased should be delivered.

    More about Delivery Checkout
  • PostNord Developer

    Do you want to create solutions that give your customers a better delivery experience and at the same time increase efficiency and provide a better overall economic framework?

    More about PostNord Developer

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