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New European standard from April 1st

Mandatory e-invoice to the public sector

From April 1, 2019, all new public sector procurements must be invoiced electronically according to a new European standard.

The new requirement means that all suppliers to the public sector must be able to send e-invoices and all public sector organizations must be prepared to receive them. Are you ready?
At PostNord we are ready to help current and new customers meet the increased demands for digitization. One of the most important changes that will occur in 2019 is the harmonization of formats and standards for electronic invoicing in Europe. The EU has issued a directive on requirements for e-invoices in public procurement (2014/55 /EU) with a common standard.
In Sweden, the law on electronic invoices, as a result of public procurement (2018: 1277), begins to apply on April 1, 2019. It covers all new procurements and involves a gradual phasing-in.

The change will affect several of our customers. To meet the requirements

  • the recipients in the public sector need to ensure that they can receive electronic invoices via PEPPOL and in future procurements specify which formats apply
  • the suppliers to the public sector need to check that the correct information is in the invoice files and that invoices are sent according to the agreed standard
  • both suppliers and recipients need to inform their staff about the new law.

Read article: The requirement applies throughout the EU – the Nordic countries have come a long way.

We can help you send your invoices electronically according to the new rules. We solve the requirements for format and standard as well as transfer to the right recipient.

Switching to digital invoicing not only meets the new legal requirements for billing to the public sector, it also means an opportunity to create a dynamic communication flow with the customer in focus. With our solution We Mail Omnichannel, you can send all kinds of administrative messages to the exact channel preferred by your customer - for example to a digital mailbox, directly to the mobile as SMS, via an EDI solution or to a mobile app.

If you are a small business owner or have a need to send a fewer number of e-invoices, you can advantageously use Create e-invoice, which is a web based service where you easily send electronic invoices to companies and the public sector.


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