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“Getting the right sound in the right place is what it’s all about,” says John Ditmeyer, founder of the company JD music. Photo: Sara Bogren.
Customer case JD music

The right sound in the right place via PostNord Portal

The audio company JD music needed a flexible system to adjust shipping costs and prices to suit its various types of consignments. The Send Direct Business function in PostNord’s portal was perfect for the company’s needs.

The challenge

  • To have enough time for everything
  • High shipping costs
  • Many different types of consignments

John Ditmeyer, the founder of the company JD music, could not understand how the shipping costs were sometimes more expensive than the actual contents of the parcel.

“I'm really pleased with the new portal.”

A supplier suggested that he use Varubrev, which was exactly what he needed for sending small goods. JD music’s deliveries can vary considerably, depending on whether they contain an audio system, a guitar or just a small cable – and John Ditmeyer needed to find a system that could help him choose the cheapest shipping method for each type of consignment.
“Our main focus is on the installation of sound systems, but we also have an online shop where we sell audio systems and musical instruments,” says John Ditmeyer, who has run JD music in Vallentuna, outside Stockholm, together with four partners since 2015.

The business concept is to provide the best possible sound systems based on the acoustics and other relevant conditions at the customer premises. Over the years, the number of assignments and the volumes have increased, and the amount of available time has decreased. Just in May, demand increased by more than 1,000 percent compared to the same period last year, and the most recent inquiries relate to everything from art projects to public authorities.

“Interest is driven by the fact that they get good equipment from us and are presented with relevant products, documentation and information by the experts here,” says John Ditmeyer.


  • A portal that provides everything in one place
  • Clear pricing for shipping costs
  • Faster processing

John Ditmeyer quickly became interested in the PostNord Portal Business, which is not only a good solution for large companies but is also suitable for smaller businesses like his. The portal provides access to the Send Direct Business function, where he can easily order shipping documents based on weight and size, and receive customized prices.

“The new portal has given us a real boost. I now no longer have to log into several places to view invoices and book shipping, for example. It’s easy to understand and quick to use,” says John Ditmeyer.

He mostly uses Send Direct Business, but the portal also provides other useful functions, such as tracking of shipments, changing the delivery method during the delivery process, and handling complaints and returns.

“Everything that can save us time is good. We think that our core business activities are really enjoyable, and want to focus on them. This isn’t just our job, it’s also our hobby,” says John Ditmeyer, although he is careful to point out that what they do must provide them with a living.

“Someone said to me that he would be happy to do the job for free because it was so enjoyable. ‘No chance,’ I said. A suitably difficult challenge is what gives people motivation and makes us want to continue doing this, while making sure we’re adequately paid.”

John Ditmeyer has therefore tried to create procedures that save both time and money, so that the work with the sound systems can continue to be as enjoyable as it was before.


  • More time for core business activities
  • Money saved on shipping
  • Simplified working methods

New opportunities for JD music also mean new opportunities for customers. JD music is looking forward to allowing customers to choose environmental compensation for their deliveries, which is a service offered by PostNord. Good handling of complaints and returns is another thing that can increase satisfaction among end customers.

Admittedly, complaints and returns are not an issue for JD music – for two reasons: One is that the online shop strives to be so clear with its product information that customers are left in no doubt whether or not the product is right for them. The second is that PostNord’s deliveries have been flawless so far.

“We have zero losses with PostNord. This is due to the delivery quality and the fact that we pack our products very well. This admittedly increases the shipping price, but it’s considerably cheaper and easier than handling returns,” says John Ditmeyer, who adds that the presets in Send Direct Business make this very easy.

Another feature is that it is possible to book a pick-up via the portal.

“We’re not far from a business service center, so we usually hand in the consignments in person. But we are now starting to reach volumes for which it would be easier if PostNord could both deliver and collect goods. That may be our next step,” says John Ditmeyer.

“I'm really pleased with the new portal. It’s also easy to teach people how to use it, which is another good reason for using it.”


JD Music

General: A company based in Vallentuna outside Stockholm that installs and sells audio equipment and musical instruments, and repairs sound-related gadgets in its workshop.

Market: Mainly companies and organizers who need help choosing and installing the best possible sound system based on the conditions at the particular venue.

Employees: Five people working as partners, each with their own particular role in the company.

PostNords services: PostNord Portal Business in particular the Send Direct Business function.