Transaction Analysis

Transaction Analysis gives you better insight into your customers' consumption habits, where your most important customers are and where they live.

Transaction Analysis – provides you with good knowledge of your customers' consumption patterns.

Increased insight into your customers' consumption patterns.

Better understanding of the customer segment on which you should focus.

A solid basis for future marketing work.

Access to facts that allow you to design better messages and campaigns that target your customers.

What do you actually know about your customers? Perhaps you have a customer directory and transaction data with aggregated information about what a particular customer has purchased, but little or no knowledge about their consumption patterns?

We can help you analyze and group your customers based on how often they shop, how much they spend, and when they last made a purchase. This will provide more insight into your customers and help you design better messages and campaigns in the future.

You can also obtain insights regarding which customers buy a lot from you and which do not. You get information about which customer segments contain the most profitable customers, and where they live. This can then provide a decision-making basis regarding what kind of customers you should prioritize and how many customers you can actively target.

How the transaction analysis is carried out

The Transaction Analysis is performed by PostNord analysts using our DM analysis tool. The analysis is presented in a written report and by means of a personal presentation.

What we need in order to do a transaction analysis

  • address information: Postal code and/or street address/number
  • Transaction data/value per customer or per postal number
  • CustomerID: A unique customer ID number can be very useful for identifying customers who have changed their address.

Insights from a transaction analysis

  • Who makes a lot of purchases from you?
  • What characteristics do your customers have?
  • How do you reach your customers?
  • Which lifestyle types have the highest and lowest transactions?
  • Where do the customers who are most valuable for you live?
  • Which phase of life are the customers currently in?
  • What consumption patterns do the customers have?
  • Which activities and interests do the customers have?
  • What opinions and values do the customers have?
  • Do the customers want to receive advertising or not?
  • Do the customers own a car, boat or summer house etc.?


You can obtain an analysis and a report based on the analysis for SEK 40,000 (excl. VAT).

Would you like to order an analysis?

If you are a service agreement customer, you can order an analysis via your sales representative. Other customers can contact us via the form or call customer service on 0771-33 33 10.

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