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Advertisement and analysis service for businesses

Response Analysis

Response Analysis provides insight into which customers respond to your mailings and how you can optimize future campaigns to achieve a better impact.

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Benefits with Response Analysis

  • You get a good understanding regarding who has responded to your mailings and what behaviors and characteristics these customers exhibit.
  • You get insights into how you can achieve an even better impact with the next campaign.
  • You get new ideas about where to find potential customers.
Response Analysis helps you analyze responses received from a mailing campaign

Do you often conduct mailings that require some kind of response from your customers? You can perform an analysis of the responses that are received and thereby obtain a good understanding of who has responded to your offers.

In connection with Direct Mail, it is often expected that responses will be received from your recipients. The investment should pay for itself in the form of a conversion, for example. sold items, or new members or subscribers. With Response Analysis, the address or postal code selection is compared with the responses you receive as a result of the campaign. With the insight gained from such an analysis about completed campaigns, you can optimize future campaigns and thereby achieve a better impact.

To get the most out of the analysis, we need information about the selection of recipients as well as a response file containing

  • address information
  • Customer ID. A unique customer number can be useful for identifying customers who have changed their address.

The analysis is presented in a written report and by means of a personal presentation.

Example of content in the report

  • What proportion responded compared to the size of the mailing?
  • Which customers responded?
  • Where geographically and how do the customers that responded live?
  • What are the customers’ current phase of life?
  • What consumption patterns do the customers have?
  • Which activities and interests do the customers have?
  • What opinions and values do the customers have?
  • Do the customers want to receive advertising or not?
  • Do the customers own a car, boat or summer house etc.?
  • From where do the customers come and what are their political views?
  • What media and Internet habits do the customers have?


You can obtain an analysis and a report based on the analysis for SEK 20,000 (excl. VAT).

Would you like to order a response analysis?

If you are a service agreement customer, you can order an analysis via your sales representative. Other customers can call customer service at 0771-33 33 10 or contact us via the relevant form.

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