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People passing through fast at a shoppingstreet. People passing through fast at a shoppingstreet.
Analysis and communications services for companies

PostNord's analytics offer

Take advantage of PostNord’s analysts to analyze your customer data and streamline your communications.

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Benefits with PostNord's analytics offer

  • Makes it easy to analyze your customer data with the help of PostNord's analysts.
  • Streamlines your messages and helps you to increase the effectiveness of your communications.
  • Increases your chances to reach the right target audience.
PostNord’s qualified customer and communications analysts

Do you need assistance with analyzing your customer data? PostNord’s analysts help you with this so that you can streamline your advertising mailings.

Customer and communications analyses conducted by experienced market analysts. The analytics tools being used have data sources such as:

conzoom® – Lifestyle classification

Used to describe common features of different groups in the Swedish population. The method behind lifestyle classification builds upon the tendency we have as humans to live close to people similar to ourselves. In this way common features can be found that make it easier to describe larger groups of people living within the same area. Additionally, it is easy to translate the groupings into zip codes, which is helpful if you want to send unaddressed direct mail (ODR).

SCB – Sociodemographic data

Such as sex, age marital status, information about families, level of education, housing, finance and purchasing power. These data create a framework for analysis and are also included in the conzoom® lifestyle classification.

ORVESTO® Konsument – Postal media and target audience survey

The reach of a large number of media is measured and the databases contain thousands of target group characteristics variables. You can, for example, learn more about the Swedish peoples’ finances, activities, outdoor life, online habits, interests, consumption, travel, opinions, media habits and whether they say yes or no to advertising.

Getting started with customer and communications analytics

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