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Advertisement and analysis service for businesses

Impact Survey

An Impact Survey provides you with insight into what worked well in your campaign and what you could do even better next time.

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Benefits with Impact Survey

  • You get insight into how well your campaign has worked and how many people actually saw it.
  • You get insight into how interested customers are in your product and whether they will make use of your offer.
  • You get insight into how you can improve your next campaign to achieve an even better impact.
Carry out an Impact Survey and be even more successful with your next campaign

Do you know how your campaigns are perceived by your customers? Do you know, for example, why some people are interested in what you sell, while others are not? We can help you measure the impact of your campaigns, to give you insight into how well your campaign worked.

When you conduct an Impact Survey, you get an in-depth picture of how many people have seen your campaign, how interested they are in what you sell and whether they will make use of your offer.

Prior to the next campaign, you can then conduct even better target group assessments using the results from the survey. In this way, you can refine your message so that it really interests and engages your target audience and results in an even better impact.

The survey determines, among the recipients

  • if they have received and read the mailing
  • how they perceived the offer/information
  • what they have done as a result of reading the mailing, such as chatted online, redeemed a voucher or searched for information online.

In the in-depth survey, the recipients are also asked about

  • their perception of your company
  • their interest in your company’s products and services
  • if they are customers of other companies in the same industry
  • who they are (gender and age)
  • if they are a recipient of unaddressed direct mail
  • if they read the entire mailing.

Conducting the survey

To conduct surveys, you can choose between doing an online survey or a postal survey. Which version is appropriate depends on how many recipients the campaign had, and also on how many questions you want to ask. The results from the survey about your campaign are compared to the OBS value from previous campaigns in our database to determine how effective the campaign was. The analysis is presented in a written report and in a personal presentation.


The price depends on the scope of the survey. A survey costs from SEK 39,000.

Would you like to order a survey?

If you are a service agreement customer, you can order an Impact Survey via your sales representative. Otherwise, you are welcome to call Customer Service at 0771-33 33 10, or contact us via the form.

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