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Climate Efficient Direct Mail

Climate Efficient Direct Mail costs nothing extra. The difference lies not in the price tag, but in the environmental benefits. You make the publication process environmentally sound, and we'll do the same for distribution.

In short, Climate Efficient DM is advertising whose environmental impact you control. Everything from printing to paper meets the Swan eco-labeling criteria or equivalent. All players are certified according to ISO 14001 or equivalent and transportation is chosen with the environment in mind. Distribution is also environmentally compensated.
If you send addressed direct mail, we do not return undeliverable mailings; we recycle them.

Who do you want to reach with Climate Efficient DM?

  • All households or businesses in a chosen area
    Read more about Unaddressed direct mail
  • Select households or businesses with, for example, certain ages, interests or incomes

Read more about Addressed direct mail

Klimatekonomisk DM

Contact me about Climate Efficient DM

If you're ready to start with Climate Efficient DM, fill out and submit the form and we will contact you.
There's no extra cost for extra consideration of the environment.


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