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PEX Courier – for the next level of service

Our courier service allows you to send items by courier locally, nationally and internationally. Fast, smooth and tailored deliveries.
Become a customer and book a courier If you already are a customer, log in and book in our web solution

A courier service covering all possible needs – individual courier deliveries, regular assignments and special solutions.

We are available 24 hours a day, on every day of the year. Simply call 020-96 96 96 for assistance.

If you are a PEX customer and already have a login, you can also book PEX couriers directly online

Courier options – you choose the speed

We offer courier and logistics solutions from SEK 99* for light and heavy goods. We can tailor solutions to unique customer needs and specific businesses, and have no restrictions regarding dimensions or weight.

The delivery time can be adapted according to the specific conditions and the urgency of the delivery.

  • PEX Express: Delivery as quickly as possible.
  • PEX 2-hour courier: Delivery within 2 hours.
  • PEX 5-hour courier: Delivery within 5 hours.
  • *PEX same-day courier: Book by 9 am and we deliver by 4 pm.

Delivery by courier

We deliver safely, personally and on time to your recipient. Goods are delivered in return for a receipt of delivery. The recipient, or someone who can be considered to represent the recipient, signs physically or digitally.

Would you like to know more about our courier service?

Current terms and conditions

Contact a seller for a quote or contract for a bid (form in Swedish)

Book a courier delivery with PEX

Call 020-96 96 96 at any time, on any day of the year. Press 1 for Stockholm, press 2 for Gothenburg, press 3 for Malmö, press 4 for Umeå. If you want to become a PEX Customer, fill in this form.

If you already are a PEX customer and have a login, you can book a courier delivery with PEX in our web solution