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Registered Mail International

For companies that want to send important documents or goods, which must be signed for by the recipient.
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"For everyone who wants to send important shipments to international recipients, who have to sign for them."

What is Registered Mail International?

Registered mail is the ideal solution for companies that want to send important documents and valuable goods internationally, which must be signed by the recipient. Shipments can weigh a maximum of 2 kg, with a maximum value of SEK 10,000. Shipments must be signed by the recipient. If you require confirmation that the recipient has collected your shipment, you can purchase the additional service Proof of receipt and the receipt will be sent to you after hand-over.

Two versions of Registered Mail International are available

  • Registered Mail 2,000: Value up to SEK 2,000, max. weight 2 kg
  • Registered Mail 10,000: Value up to SEK 10,000, max. weight 2 kg

In the event of loss or damage, we pay compensation in the maximum amount of SEK 2,000 or SEK 10,000, depending on which version of the Registered Mail service you selected. The compensation payable is based on the market value of the contents. Please note that no compensation at all is payable if the market value of the contents exceeds the respective maximum amounts.

Delivery inside and outside the EU

Delivery times for Registered Mail International vary depending on the recipient country.

When sending goods within the EU, you must always attach a security declaration. When sending goods to destinations outside the EU, you must always affix a shipment ID and a unique bar code to the package. You can easily prepare address labels and customs documentation using our cost-free Skicka Direkt Business tool.

Find out more about customs procedures outside the EU.

Air transport directive

As from April 29, 2010, all shipments transported by air must be X-rayed in order to fulfil the air safety regulations pursuant to the applicable EU directive. In the event that the X-ray is unable to establish what the shipment contains, it will be transported by other means – road or rail, for example – instead. If this is not possible either, the shipment will be returned to you.

How do I use this service?

Send through Skicka Direkt Business

Create a shipping note for your Registered Mail International shipment in Skicka Direkt Business or another TA system approved by PostNord. You can also use a franking machine. You can drop off Registered Mail at any of our service points.

To send Registered Mail International as a company, you need to be a service agreement customer.



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Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 600 mm
Width: minimum 90 mm
Length + Width + Height: max 900 mm
Weight: max 2 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: Mail Pickup, service point
Point of delivery: Depends on the country
Traceable: Yes, in some countries
Delivery time: Depends on the country

Send Registered Mail International

Secure delivery of important documents and valuable goods.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer

Visiting as a private individual?

Registered Mail International for private individuals