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MyPack Home

For companies that want to send parcels weighing up to 35 kg within the Nordic region and up to 31,5 kg to the rest of Europe. Rapid delivery directly to the recipient’s door.
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"Send parcels within Europe, with rapid delivery directly to the recipient’s home."

What is MyPack Home?

MyPack Home is a service for companies that want to send parcels weighing up to 35 kg within the Nordics and up to 31,5 kg to the rest of Europe, directly to recipient’s home addresses. We pick up the parcel from your premises and deliver it to the recipient – who is free to choose how and where to receive it. In Sweden, we deliver recipients’ parcels during the daytime on business days – and we also offer home delivery in the evenings in all large towns and cities. Saturday deliveries are also available within Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

In the event that the parcel weighs more than 20 kg, delivery (in Sweden) will be with signature assurance and takes place at the recipient’s curb side/ground floor.

To utilize this service, you need to be one of our service agreement customers.


In Sweden, MyPack Home parcels are delivered in 1–2 business days. Delivery times to other countries vary depending on the recipient country in question. You can send MyPack Home parcels to most of European countries.

Delivery in Sweden

In Sweden, we offer a predefined delivery time slot, where recipients do not have to be home to receive their parcels. Recipients receive notification via PostNord App, SMS or email and can then choose the delivery day and time. Recipients can also adapt the delivery to accommodate specific wishes and requirements. For example, they can choose personal delivery to the door, or they may prefer to collect their parcels from the nearest service point.

Recipients can update their order and add delivery information such as their door code directly in the PostNord App or on the PostNord website. In the case of home delivery, notification is sent to recipients when their parcels are on their way and when they have been delivered. Parcels can be tracked in real time using a map showing estimated time of arrival and the number of stops before delivery. Parcels delivered without a POD will be photographed at the door and available to view in the PostNord App.

Delivery outside Sweden

For delivery outside Sweden, MyPack Home usually offers a predefined delivery time window, but in this case, recipients have to be home in order to sign for their parcels. In most countries, it is possible to change the suggested date, choose delivery without a POD, or select delivery to a service point or parcel locker instead. Notifications and parcel tracking are available in all countries.

How do I use this service?

Send via Skicka Direkt Business

You can use Skicka Direkt Business to book collection, print shipping documents and generate electronic advance notifications for MyPack Home. In addition, you can generate reports for checking and follow-up. You can also use your own transport administration system (TA system) approved by PostNord.

Additional services

Dangerous goods in limited quantities
In certain cases, it is possible to send limited quantities of dangerous goods. Find out more about what is classed as dangerous goods.

Direct Return
Parcels that cannot be delivered to the recipient are returned directly to the sender. Applicable in Denmark and Sweden.

Fixed retention time 7 days
Recipients will not be offered an extended retention time of up to 14 days. Applicable in Sweden.

Signature Assurance
When you, as the sender, want confirmation that the delivery is actually made to a person at the address – with a receipt signed on hand-over. Applies within Sweden and to Denmark and Norway.

Climate compensation
PostNord invests the entire compensation fee in renewable energy production in developing countries. Fossil energy production is being replaced by renewable solutions.This is accomplished via UN-certified CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects through the company 2050.

ID check 
The parcel is only handed over to the recipient on presentation of valid proof of identity. In Sweden, parcels can also be handed over on presentation of a collection code, which recipients can access by using the BankID feature in the PostNord App. Applicable for deliveries in Sweden.

Delivery without a POD
Delivery is always made to the recipient’s address. Recipients are unable to select any delivery options. Parcels are delivered to the mailbox or the door at the recipient’s address, or to a chosen location outside the building – and without signed confirmation. Parcels delivered without a POD will be photographed at the door and available to view in the PostNord App for the receiver and in PostNord Portal Business for the sender. Applicable in Sweden.

Enhanced identification
For shipments where it is particularly important to check that the parcel is handed over to the intended receiver in person. In addition to the name and address, the recipient’s personal identification number is also verified prior to hand-over. Applicable in Sweden.  

Goods Insurance
Take out supplementary goods insurance to guard against unforeseen events. Covers theft, accident, damage and loss. The insurance also covers the consequences of natural disasters such as storms, lightning and earthquakes.

Age check
Used for shipments where it is necessary to check that the recipient is old enough to receive the delivery; 16, 18 or 20 years of age. Applicable in Sweden.

Change in delivery arrangement
Do you need to make change to a shipment after you have handed it in, but before it has been delivered? If the shipping document was generated in Skicka Direkt Business, the easiest way to make changes is in Track & Trace, the Portal Business tracking tool. Otherwise, a special form is available for this purpose (PDF).

New delivery
The sender can use the New delivery service subsequently to request another attempt to complete delivery to the recipient’s address. This service can be ordered via PostNord Portal Business or by contacting Customer Service on 0771-33 33 10. Applicable in Sweden.

Securing a safe workenvironment add-on Heavy is used when parcel weighs over 20 kg. Delivery takes place at the recipient´s curb side /ground floor

When sending parcels containing tobacco goods or similar products according to Swedish Act (2018:2088) or tobacco-free nicotine products according to Swedish Act (2022:1257). Applicable in Sweden.

When you have the need of fast home- or parcel locker deliveries. Delivery will take place in the evening the same day as pickup. Applicable in Sweden.

Split Shipment
Makes shipment customs clearance possible for several parcels to different recipients when crossing customs border. Applicable to Norway and Great Britain.

Not parcel locker
Delivery to parcel locker not allowed. Applicable in Sweden.



See our current prices for service agreement customers.

Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 1.75 m
Width: minimum 90 mm
Height: minimum 15 mm
Length + circumference: max 3 m
Weight inside the Nordics: max 35 kilo
Weight outside the Nordics: max 31,5 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: Pickup included, service point
Point of delivery: Home delivery
Traceable: Yes
Delivery time domestic: 1–2 weekdays
Delivery time international: Depends on the country

Send parcels in Europe for delivery directly to the recipient’s home

Fast and flexible delivery – multiple additional services to accommodate specific wishes.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer