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MyPack Collect

For companies that want to send parcels to addresses in Sweden and Europe, with fast delivery to the recipient’s chosen service point or Parcel Locker.
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"Send business parcels within Europe, with rapid delivery to the recipient’s nearest service point."

What is MyPack Collect?

MyPack Collect is a service for companies that want to send parcels weighing up to 20 kg to addresses in Sweden and Europe. The parcels are delivered rapidly to the recipient’s chosen service point. We deliver within the Nordic region and to other countries in Europe, and have a large distribution network that is constantly expanding.

MyPack Collect enables you to track the progress of the parcel from the pick-up point right through to collection by the recipient at the service point. The recipient is notified via sms, email or the PostNord App when the parcel is available for collection from the service point he/she has selected.

To utilize this service, you need to be one of our service agreement customers.


Within Sweden, MyPack Collect parcels are delivered to the recipient’s chosen service point within 1–2 business days. Outside Sweden, delivery is usually made within 2–6 business days. Delivery times to certain locations and countries may be a little longer.

You can send MyPack Collect parcels to:
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Åland, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

For shipments to other countries, we recommend that companies utilize our International Parcel service.

Saturday delivery

Our Saturday delivery service allows e-commerce companies to offer customers the opportunity to receive the goods they ordered as early as on the following Saturday – rather than having to wait until after the weekend. This service is currently available for deliveries in Sweden. Saturday delivery can be combined with MyPack Collect and entails an extra delivery day to service points at no extra charge.

Parcel locker

Our Parcel lockers constitute an additional delivery option for MyPack Collect, over and above delivery to service points. In order to offer your customers the option of having their orders delivered to a parcel locker, simply combine MyPack Collect with the Any collection point service. Parcel lockers that are located outdoors are accessible 24/7. Parcel lockers located indoors are subject to the same opening hours as the building that houses them.

How do I use this service?

Send via Skicka Direkt Business

You can use Skicka Direkt Business to book collection, print shipping documents and generate electronic advance notifications for MyPack Collect. In addition, you can download reports for checking and follow-up. You can also use your own transport administration system (TA system) approved by PostNord.

Additional services

Collect in Store
Allows customers to choose which distribution point to collect their parcels from. Applies to MyPack Collect within the Nordic region.

Collect in Store – Label only
Used where customers only need to receive notification by email or SMS, with hand-over via the distribution point selected by the customer. Applies to MyPack Collect within the Nordic region.

Fixed retention time 7 days
Recipients will not be offered an extended retention time of up to 14 days. Applies to MyPack Collect in Sweden

Advance notification
Recipients are notified of the day on which the parcel will be delivered via email or SMS. Applies to MyPack Collect in Sweden

Cash on Delivery (COD)
Cash on Delivery (COD) means that recipients have to pay for parcels before they are handed over. The money is deposited on the bankgiro or plusgiro account you have specified. Applies to MyPack Collect deliveries in Sweden and to Norway.

Climate compensation
PostNord invests the entire compensation fee in renewable energy production in developing countries. Fossil energy production is being replaced by renewable solutions.This is accomplished via UN-certified CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects through the company 2050.

Enhanced identification
For shipments where it is particularly important to check the intended receiver collects the parcel in person. This service entails verifying the recipient’s personal identification number in addition to checking his/her name and address prior to collection from a service point. Applies to MyPack Collect in Sweden

Free choice of service point
You can select a specific distribution point; i.e. you decide where the recipient is to collect his/her parcel. Mandatory for recipients outside Sweden.

Goods Insurance
Take out additional goods insurance.

Age check
Used for shipments where it is necessary to check that the recipient is old enough to receive the delivery; 16, 18 or 20 years of age. Applicable in Sweden.

Change in delivery arrangement
Changes can be made to the delivery process before the parcel has been collected by the recipient. For example, it is possible to change the recipient’s name or address, or to specify that the parcel is to be returned to the sender. Use the PostNord Portal for this service if you printed the shipping documents there, or download the form (PDF) for booking additional services.



See our current prices for service agreement customers.

Weights and measures – within the Nordics

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 1.5 m
Width: minimum 90 mm
Height: minimum 15 mm
Length + circumference: max 3 m
Weight: max 20 kilo

Weights and measures – outside the Nordics

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 1 m
Width: minimum 90 mm
Height: minimum 15 mm
Length + circumference: max 2.5 m
Weight: max 20 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: Pickup included, service point
Point of delivery: Service point
Traceable: Yes
Delivery time domestic: 1–2 weekdays
Delivery time international: 2–6 weekdays

Send parcels in Europe for delivery to the recipient’s service point

Fast and flexible delivery – multiple additional services to accommodate specific wishes.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer