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International Parcel

For companies that need to send international parcels weighing up to 20 kg directly to the recipient’s address, or to the nearest service point.
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"Send business parcels abroad – quickly and easily."

What is International Parcel?

International Parcel is a service for companies that need to send parcels weighing up to 20 kg to addresses all over the world – primarily outside Europe. We pick up your parcel and deliver it to the recipient’s service point within a few days, depending on where in the world the parcel is to be shipped. In some countries, we can even deliver parcels directly to the recipient’s door.

To utilize this service, you need to be one of our service agreement customers.

If you want to send parcels to Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal, we recommend that you choose one of our other services: MyPack Collect, MyPack Home or PostNord Parcel. See the conditions that apply for the country you wish to send to and then select the service that best matches your needs.


Delivery times vary depending on the country you are sending your parcel to.

Customs procedures outside the EU

In connection with the export declaration for countries outside the EU, the following additional services are available:

  • Stamping of EUR certificate
  • Classification of product code

How do I use this service?

Send via Skicka Direkt Business

You can use our cost-free shipping tool Skicka Direkt Business to book collection, print shipping documents and generate electronic advance notifications. In addition, you can download reports for checking and follow-up. You can also use your own transport administration system (TA system) approved by PostNord.

The contents of International Parcel shipments can have a maximum market value of SEK 25,000 per parcel.

Goods Insurance

We accept liability for goods up to a value of SEK 400 + SEK 40.50 per kg. You can also take out supplementary goods insurance that covers all kinds of permitted goods and items, except for damaged goods and second-hand items.

When placing your order and printing your shipping documents in Skicka Direkt Business (or in your customer profile), you can choose to add goods insurance to each parcel if you want separate insurance for each individual future shipment.

If you are interested in taking out supplementary goods insurance, see the terms and conditions for additional details.



See current prices for service agreement customers.

Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 1,5 m
Width: minimum 90 mm
Length + circumference: max 3 m
Weight: max 20 kilo

Exceptions (to some countries)

Length: max 1,05 m
Length + circumference: max 2 m

General service information

Drop off point: Pickup included
Point of delivery: Depends on the country
Traceable: Yes
Delivery time: Depends on the country

Send business parcels abroad

Parcels may weigh up to 20 kg and will be delivered to the recipient’s home address or nearest service point.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer

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