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Express Mail Domestic

For companies that wish to send mail weighing up to 2 kg directly to the recipient’s postbox – with extra rapid delivery.
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"The service for all companies that want to send mail directly to the recipient’s postbox, with extra rapid delivery. "

What is Express Mail Domestic?

Your company can use the Express Mail Domestic service to send letters weighing up to 2 kg directly to the recipient's postbox – with extra rapid delivery. The service includes a delivery guarantee: if the express mail does not arrive on time, we reimburse the postage paid on presentation of the relevant drop-off receipt, with certain exceptions:
  • Notified shipments.
  • Incorrectly or incompletely addressed shipments.
  • Shipments addressed to islands that can only be reached by boat or ferry.
  • Shipments between locations with certain zip codes that cannot be reached until the next business day.


Express mail is delivered on the following business day with the exception of certain zip codes. You can track the letter on our website and via the PostNord App.

How do I use this service?

Send via Skicka Direkt
  1. Go to the Skicka Direkt online tool.
  2. Enter the information required for the sender and recipient, and choose how the recipient is to be notified.
  3. After completing payment (Swish or payment card), you can choose whether you want to print the shipping note yourself or prefer to present a QR code at a service point and have the shipping note printed there.
  4. Drop off your Express mail at any of our service points.
Send via a service point

Enter the information required for the sender and recipient, and choose how the recipient is to be notified. Take your mail to any of our service points and ask to have it sent as Express Mail. Find your nearest service point.

Send using Port Payé

If your company sends large volumes of Express mail, you can apply for a “Postage paid” agreement and pay for your shipments via invoice. Contact your sales representative or customer service to apply.

Send using a franking machine

Companies can easily frank Express mail using a franking machine. Using a franking machine also ensures that you always have the correct postage readily available. Franked shipments can be posted in any of our mailboxes or handed in at a service point.



See the applicable prices.

Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 600 mm
Width: minimum 90 mm
Length + width + height: max 900 mm
Weight: max 2 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: Mail pickup, service point
Point of delivery: Postbox
Traceable: Yes
Delivery time domestic: 1 weekday

Send letters with extra fast delivery

Express Mail Domestic letters are sent directly to the recipient’s postbox.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer

Visiting as a private individual?

To Express Mail Domestic for private individuals