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Send large volumes of letters weighing up to 2 kg. We take care of the printing, enveloping and distribution.
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"Our eBREV service helps you streamline your workflows and free up more time for your business. "

What is eBREV?

eBREV is a service for companies that want to send all kinds of standardized mail-outs such as invoices, salary details, account statements and rent payment requests. You can choose to send letters containing exactly the same information to multiple recipients, or tailor the contents for different people. All our mail-outs are printed on eco-friendly paper and placed in eco-friendly envelopes, and the printing is performed as close as possible to your recipients to eliminate unnecessary transport.


The delivery time for eBREV is the same as for ordinary domestic mail. If you send your file before 9 a.m. and choose First Class Mail, the letters will be delivered within 1–2 business days. If you choose Economy Mail, your letters will reach the recipients within 3–4 business days.

For recipients in other countries, the delivery times are the same as for international First Class Mail and Economy Mail. Find out more about international delivery times.

Prices and optional extras

The price for eBREV consists of two components – the price of the print production and data preparation (electronic processing of the input data) and the price of the postage (physical distribution).

The base price for eBREV includes the costs of color printing, enveloping and supplementary services.

  • White standard paper (90 gram)
  • Color printing on one side
  • Envelope
  • Distribution
  • Data preparation

Som tillval kan du välja följande:

  • Color printing on both sides (duplex)
  • Variable perforation (max. 4 perforations)
  • Self-mailer
  • Two-channel enveloping
  • Late submission

How do I use this service?

Send eBREV
  1. Send your company’s letter template to us, so that we can load it into our system.
  2. Send a file containing recipient addresses and other information to be included in the mail-out.
  3. We take care of the printing, enveloping and distribution to the recipients in the way they have chosen to receive mail-outs from you.
  4. If digital channel options have been chosen, we sort and send the selected letters digitally.

In order to use our eBREV service, you need to be a PostNord service agreement customer.



See current prices for service agreement customers.

Weights and measures

Length: minimum 140 mm, max 600 mm
Width: minimum 90 mm
Length + Width + Height: max 900 mm
Weight: max 2 kilo

General service information

Drop off point: File format of your choice (for example CSV or XML)
Point of delivery: Mailbox
Traceable: No
Delivery time: Depends on the service

Choose eBREV and have us take care of the printing, enveloping and distribution

Our eBREV service helps you streamline your workflows and free up more time for your business.

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer