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Create Mail-outs

Create newsletters, invitations, advertisements and other hard-copy mail-outs directly from your computer, and send them directly to the recipient’s mailbox.
Create Mail-outs
"Create bespoke mail-outs for your customers – quickly and easily."

What is Create Mail-outs?

Create Mail-outs is a tool for everyone looking to communicate with existing and potential customers via hard-copy mail-outs. Create Mail-outs enables you to make contact with your public by sending letters, postcards and flyers to cover your advertising and marketing needs. You can even target mail-outs at a specific group by filtering on the basis of geography, age and gender, for example.

Simply place an order and we will take care of the preparation, printing and distribution of your mail-outs – directly to the recipients’ mailboxes. Moreover, we always print on eco-friendly paper at locations close to your recipients, thus eliminating unnecessary transport.


The delivery time for your mail-outs may vary, depending on which services are linked to the shipment. First Class Mail is normally delivered within 1–2 business days, while Economy Mail and advertising mail-outs (ADM) are delivered within 3–4 business days.

How do I use this service?

Create Mail-outs

Do you want to send letters to one or more recipients in Sweden or abroad? For example, hard-copy invoices with or without paying-in slips, information for group members, notices of meetings, invitations and minutes of meetings. Upload your address file, choose distribution method and attach your document, and we will then take care of everything else.

Create Mail-outs.

Create advertising mail-outs

If you want to send advertising materials, we can help you with selecting target groups, purchasing addresses and printing and distributing the materials. Choose between unaddressed direct advertising (UDM) and addressed direct advertising (ADM) as postcards, flyers or enveloped letters. If you already have UDM material prepared, simply book the associated mailing through our service.

Create advertising mail-outs.

Create mail-outs easily from your computer

Using our tool makes it easy to create newsletters, invitations and advertisements, for example, and then send them to the recipient’s mailbox.

Create Mail-outs
Create Mail-outs