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Project logistics

With our specially designed vehicles, we can transport everything, regardless of whether it is big, bulky or fragile. To use this service, you need to become a service agreement customer.
Become a service agreement customer

Timber goods, cranes or other large, bulky or fragile goods - we transport everything possible and impossible

Do you want to customize your transports to suit your specific needs? No problem. We solve your challenges no matter what, where, or when you want to transport your goods. Large, bulky or fragile? We have specially designed vehicles with which we can transport everything from cranes to forestry products. We can help you with the full range, from individual transports to complex logistics solutions.

Examples of the transport options we can provide

Special transports

If you have particularly heavy, long or otherwise bulky goods, we can transport these in our custom-built vehicles. We transport, for example, 40-tonne cisterns, 30-meter long bridge components, construction cranes, culverts and prefab housing modules.

Wood and biotransports

Do you have forestry products, such as round timber, logging residue fuels, bark, wood chips, wood shavings, lumber, peat or biofuel such as pellets? We have a presence both inland and on the coast in northern Sweden. We can handle transports ranging from raw materials to processed products.


Safe transport of environmentally hazardous materials is one of our specialties. We have long-standing experience of dealing with waste in all its forms and cooperate with the largest stakeholders in the industry. Allow us to design a cost-effective, total solution for waste and material flows for you, from which both you and the environment benefit.

Do you want to find out more about the options regarding sending project logistics and special transports?

Simply contact our project logistics department and we can together identify the solution that suits you best. You can reach us by calling 0771-31 33 33 and pressing 5. You can also fill in your details online and we will contact you.