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PostNord Part Loads

PostNord Part Loads is a door-to-door service for sending various types of goods weighing 2,500 kg or more.
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When sending goods weighing 2,500 kg or more

PostNord Part Loads is a flexible and attractively priced door-to-door service for sending various types of goods weighing 2,500 kg or more. You can send an individual shipment or arrange more complex transports – we have the solutions for your needs.

The booking is made the day before loading and delivery is usually made the day after that, depending on the distance involved. We deliver Monday-Friday (except public holidays), between 7 am and 4 pm. Your goods can consist of part loads or complete loads, and should be possible to handle with normal means and ship in normal transport units. To the greatest extent possible, we ship the goods directly from the sender to the recipient, without the need for any handling in terminals

Dimensions and weight for PostNord Part Loads

Max. length 12 m
Max. width 2.40 m
Max. height 2.65 m
Max. weight 35–39 tons per shipment
Max. volume 133 m3

Goods with dimensions and weights that deviate from these can be handled as special assignments. For more information, you can contact us at 0771-31 33 33 and use the keypad touch tone for your region, as defined below*.


You need to have an agreement with us to use PostNord Part Loads. Fill in the form below and we will help you getting started (in Swedish only).

Bookings can be made Monday-Friday (except public holidays) until 12 noon for pickup on the next business day. Your booked shipment is usually collected Monday-Friday (except public holidays) between 7 am and 5 pm.

Bookings can be made in the following ways:

  • Via Skicka Direkt Business – our online transport administration tool, which is free for service agreement customers. To make a booking, you just need to have a customer number – become a service agreement customer and get a customer number. Are you already a service agreement customer? Get started right away.
  • Via another transport administration system (TA system) that is approved by PostNord.
  • By sending a file with an advance notification, in accordance with EDI Transport Instructions. More information about shipping documents.
  • Call 0771-31 33 33 to make a booking. You can use one of the touch tone selections below to get to the traffic office in the region in which you wish to send your Part Loads, from among the following regions*:
Region North (Norr)

Postal codes: 80–98
Tel: 0771-31 33 33 (press 1)

Region Central (Mitt)

Postal codes: 10–19 and 60–79
Tel: 0771-31 33 33 (press 2)

Region South (Syd)

Postal codes: 20–47 and 50-59
Tel: 0771-31 33 33 (press 3)


The delivery time varies, depending on where the delivery is to be made and what is to be delivered. Calculate delivery times for parcels and pallets or call us at 0771-31 33 33 for more information.


Do you need further information

If you have a question regarding a recurring flow or wish to become a service agreement customer, please fill in your details and we will contact you. The form is in Swedish

Would you like to send with PostNord Part Loads?

In order to use the service, you need to become a service agreement customer. 

Become a service agreement customer
Become a service agreement customer