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Varubrev is a service that is suitable for all companies wanting to send light items via e-commerce and mail order within Sweden and to the rest of the world. Use Varubrev Return for easy handling of domestic returns.


​Varubrev is simple to use, fast and cost-effective, to send light items domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the service is available as an environmentally friendly option to recipients within Sweden and from the 1st of November PostNord offers a fast, safe and simple service for returns within Sweden – Varubrev Return.

The letter is delivered right to the recipient’s mailbox and in the event that the shipment is too large to fit in the mailbox, the recipient will be notified. The customer then collects the item from the nearest distribution center.

Varubrev is a letter service for lighter goods weighing between 150 g and 2 kg. Minimum thickness for Varubrev is 1,5 cm. Varubrev can be max 60 cm long, or have a total length, width and thickness of max 90 cm. Rolls may not be sent as Varubrev.

On May 1, 2018, the Varubrevets maximum size is adjusted to match the standard size of real estate boxes. The new maximum dimensions will be 34 cm, width 24 cm and height 7 cm.

The service presumes that you are an EDI customer with PostNord and that submission of production and billing information takes place via EDI. For this purpose you can use our free system Pacsoft Online.

Varubrev First Class – domestic and international

Varubrev First Class is the best choice when time is an important factor. Shipments are delivered to recipients in Sweden the first business day after drop-off. Delivery times to other countries may vary, see specific delivery times.

Varubrev Economy – domestic and international

Varubrev Economy is the best choice when saving money is essential. Items reach recipients in Sweden within three business days after drop-off. Delivery times to other countries may vary, Varubrev Economy is the best choice when saving money is essential. Items reach recipients in Sweden within three business days after drop-off. Delivery times to other countries may vary, see specific delivery time.

Varubrev Klimatekonomisk – domestic

Varubrev Klimatekonomisk is a service for those who want to be proactive and choose the most environmentally sound method of distribution. Klimatekonomisk shipments are never flown to their destinations and the distribution method is environmentally compensated.

Varubrev Klimatekonomisk are distributed to recipients the business day after drop-off. Certain areas are reached within three days.

The service  Varubrev Klimatekonomisk will be discontinued May 1, 2018. The new Postal Regulation reduces the need to air all types of shipments. For those who want to be able to compensate for climate, there are additional services.

Varubrev Return – domestic

Varubrev Return is a fast, safe and simple service for consumers that need to return light goods with a low value. When dropping the Varubrev Return at PostNord’s distribution center the sender receives a receipt of the drop off, either directly printed or by e-mail. As the receiver of the Varubrev Return item you can get EDI information about the return being on it’s way back to you. Varubrev Return is sent over night to you, for your fast and convenient handling of returns.

Shipment domestic

Varubrev in Sweden can be sent as an individual mail item (item number 1-99) or as a whole shipment. One shipment consists of at least 100 items which all can vary in weight, format and thickness, as long as the terms and conditions are fulfilled. The shipment can be sent First Class domestic, Economy domestic or Klimatekonomiskt domestic. International shipments of Varubrev and Varubrev Return are always priced as individual items.

See pricelist

Practical information

Cover and labelling

A Varubrev item should have a cover that protects the contents well and copes with normal mail handling. Varubrev must be marked “Varubrev”. Varubrev first class international must be marked with ”Prioritaire”. Economy, both domestic and international, must be marked with a “B”. Klimatekonomisk shipments must be environmentally marked according to the directions in the Technical Specifications for Varubrev.

Further, the cover must contain a legible Swedish sender, including a name and postal address. Specially agreed upon additional services for Varubrev should also be stated on the shipment in writing or with a special symbol/block.

Varubrev Return items must contain "Varubrev Retur", and a specific klichée saying that the receiver of the return is paying for the freight.

Production and billing information takes place via EDI and therefore each item must have a bar code.

Read more about labelling in the document Technical Documentation which you find below "Varubrev" in the list of Fact Sheets.


A drop-off containing at least 2,000 Varubrev must be booked in advance. Book easily via Book a shipment or through Customer Service via telephone: 0771-33 33 10.

The latest booking for Varubrev First Class and Klimatekonomisk is by 9.00 am on the day of drop-off and for Varubrev Economy, by 5 pm the day before drop-off.

EDI and bar code

The EDI file with data about the mail items must be submitted to PostNord no later than an hour. For this purpose you can use our free system

Pacsoft Online


The latest drop-off time for Klimatekonomisk is 4 pm during Monday to Fridy, and 6 pm for First Class and Economy. Read more under Drop-off and Klimatekonomisk transport. Varubrev can be mixed in the same container before drop-off to PostNord, although they have different destinations – domestic or international – or if they have different weight or formats. The only sorting needed is per level of service; First class sorted separately, Economy sorted separately and Klimatekonomiskt separately.

Notification in advance

For all Varubrev domestic items, where information about the recipient’s SMS number or e-mail address is available, we send notification of an arrived Varubrev. For an internationally sent Varubrev we notify by e-mail in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and English.

What happens if distribution to a mailbox is not possible?

If a Varubrev item cannot be distributed, for example if the mailbox or mail slot is too small, we notify the recipient in Sweden via SMS, e-mail or traditional mail. The Varubrev is then available for pick-up at a distribution centre. All international recipients will be notified according to the normal routines for notification in the actual country.


Payment is handled by invoice. Apply to become a service agreement customer​ or contact Customer Service via telephone: 0771-33 33 10.

Send Varubrev

Send Varubrev

Contact Customer Service at 0771-33 33 10 to get started.

With Pacsoft Online you can prepare your shipment.

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