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International letter service for businesses

First Class Mail International

First Class Mail International letters sent within Europe arrive within 2-4 days while delivery times to other countries vary.

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Benefits with First Class Mail International
  • Simple – letters can be posted in one of PostNord’s numerous mailboxes or handed in at a Service point.
  • Easy – you can buy stamps online and easily reach recipients around the world.
  • Flexible – a letter can weigh up to 2 kilos, which allows you to send everything from thin letters to thick books.
  • Straightforward – simplified customs handling using the green customs label up to SEK 2,000.
First Class Mail International can be used when sending standard letters to other countries

Do you want to send a standard letter via the mail? With First Class Mail International service, your business can send letters anywhere in the world.

How do I send it?

The letters can have their postage paid using any stamps. Stamps with no denomination have the same value as the price of a 50-gram domestic letter. You can buy stamps from our service points or order via our shop. Such letters are marked by affixing a blue label to the left of the stamps stating Prioritaire/1:a-klassbrev or simply Prioritaire.

You post the letter in a PostNord mailbox or hand it in at a service point.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the size of the letter. The current prices, stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) are as follows:

Max. weight in gramsPrice (in SEK)

How long does it take to deliver the letter?

The delivery time can vary depending on the destination country (in Swedish). The letters reach recipients in Europe within 2-4 days. Information about our standard delivery times is available here.

Dimensions for letters in envelopes

LengthMax. 60 cm, min. 14 cm
WidthMin. 9 cm
Length + width + thicknessCombined can be max. 90 cm

Size guide for letters in a tube

LengthMax. 90 cm, min. 10 cm.
Length + double diameter combinedCan be max. 17 cm and min. 104 cm.
Maximum weight2 kg

For items with a larger short side (width) than 25 cm or a larger thickness/diameter than 3 cm, an extra bulky supplement is charged, in accordance with the standard price list applicable at any given time.


The consignment must be enclosed within an envelope or another comparable covering, similar for example to PostNord’s pre-paid postage products.

Coverings are not required if you send rectangular cards weighing at least 150 grams/square meter.

Can I send anything I want?

You can essentially send whatever you want, if it complies with the following restrictions:

In the case of air transport

Pursuant to the 2010 EU Directive, shipments transported by air have to be X-rayed to comply with air safety rules. If the X-ray does not provide any information about the contents of the shipment, the shipment will be sent using a different mode of transport, such as a rail or road. If that is not possible, the shipment is returned to the sender.

Sending shipments outside the EU

When sending products to destinations outside the EU, you must enclose special customs documents with your shipment. More information about customs procedures outside the EU.

Sending shipments within the EU

When sending goods within the EU, you always need to include a safety declaration (pdf).

Send a First Class Mail International letter

Stamps can be purchased from our online shop and at partner outlets.

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