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Free postage

By using Free postage (Frisvar), you pay the postage costs for your customers when they respond to offers from you.


  • Engaging – makes it easy for customers to reply to your offers.
  • Easy – customers simply write “FRISVAR” and the address details on an envelope.
  • Attractively priced – you only pay for the responses you get back.
pay the reply service postage for your customers

By paying the postage, you make it easier for your customers to respond to an offer, submit a notification of interest or return shipments. You only pay for the responses you get back.

How it works:

  1. The customer writes “FRISVAR” on a blank envelope without stamps.
  2. The customer also writes the recipient’s (your) name and customer number, and a special reply service postal code and postal town, which you get via our customer service.
  3. The customer simply posts the consignment in a mailbox or hands it in at a partner outlet.
  4. Frisvar items with an envelope/packaging are usually delivered on the business day after they are posted or handed in. Free postage items without an envelope/packaging are usually delivered within three business days of being posted or handed in.


Dimensions and weight

Free postage can be used by customers to send items with a weight of up to 2 kg.

Minimum and maximum dimensions

LengthMin. 14 cm, max. 60 cm
WidthMin. 9 cm
Length + width + thicknessMax. 90 cm

For vouchers in newspaper ads, there is no specific minimum size, but it is standard practice not to make the vouchers smaller than the size of a business card.

Price (SEK without VAT)

Weight in gramsSEK/item

The postage price is paid retrospectively for the reply mailings that are received.

Please see our general terms and conditions for further specifications relating to Free postage (Frisvar).

To use the Free postage service, you need to have a reply service account. If you have any questions or need help getting started with the service, you are welcome to contact Customer Service or call us directly at 0771-33 33 10.

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